With the approaching of world of warcraft patch wow gold

With the approaching of world of warcraft patch 6.2, players have a few of concerns about the 6.2 legendary rings, like the rings will be used mechanically on  Wow gold cooldown, or someone else control the legendary proc etc. Here are some answers from Blizzard.

Legendary rings have a raid-wide effect, and why?
Differently from the traditional legendaries which are purely individual, legendary rings tend to be paired with counterparts. So the effect on a group should be taken into consideration, rather than that on an individual.

Will the rings be used mechanically on cooldown?
It depends on the fight. The healing/tank versions certainly won’t be used that way, and the DPS ring also has elements, like AOE, which add additional depth to the decision of when to activate it. But on Gruul, you would use it on cooldown every time.

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Can someone else be able to control my legendary?
Another player controls your legendary proc, as one player activates the proc for everyone with the ring. Actually, it is fair. On one fifaw988 hand, when doing any solo content you have complete control over the activation. On the other hand, procs occur at completely inopportune times, and If you are enough lucky, it could drastically alter your total damage on a given encounter.
Are the ring effects balanced or not?
No, it’s not balanced, and you may be weaker than others sometimes. Actually, it is impossible to make a perfectly evenhanded ring effect, and also, it would be boring with that. If it is balanced, those only varying strengths and weaknesses will take advantage. Over the course of a fight, something interesting and unusual should be made for wow items, instead of the sameness.

Is Hellfire Citadel tuned around not having the legendary ring?
No, nothing is tuned around http://www.igxe.co/ having the ring. That’s a big part of why it is not currently available to use in PTR testing.

WOW Patch 6.2 is available on PTR now. Copy your character and download the PTR client to test it! At any time, you can buy wow gold cheap at wowtoes in battle. Have fun!


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