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C Luo and May Siney Mar to enter the subsequent year’s Golden Globe Awards Directory candidates for the 3, January 11, 2016, in Zurich, the FIFA annual prizes ceremony, the results of your Golden Globe Awards may eventually be revealed. Messi is definitely warm Ballon d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo for Buy FIFA 16 Points the 3rd time in a row won the Golden Entire world Award is unlikely, according to reports: Portuguese striker decision even when not to award, also want to towards globes.

From the number of trophies ratio, 0 C Luo group honor, Messi and Neymar tend to be Barcelona five crown champion associates, Portuguese striker had an interview are pro admitted that he almost never get the Golden Globe Award, Messi will eventually dreams. And at the introduction of the 2012 FIFA awards ceremony, C Luo Ze failed to appear in the arena, when the Portuguese striker is usually a Golden Globe Prize hope slim.

2011 c Luo simply at Real Madrid received a king’s cup winner, personal honor has been recently the European golden boot award, Me Nishinori led Barcelona obtained the five time champion, eventually at the prizes ceremony in January 2012, c Luo and Real Madrid all did not attend when Mourinho wouldn’t all Real Madrid crew for Lionel Messi and Guardiola as a foil, eventually to the team successfully navigating the king’s cup like a reason to stay at your home preparing for.

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C know that they can not get a private award, refused to attend this award ceremony was when, in the summer regarding 2013 UEFA awards wedding ceremony, C Luo lost in order to Ribery, did not get the actual UEFA golden ball, and Messi did not find the award, but the high account. At that time the actual Portuguese striker is get yourself ready for the team and Deportivo, but the nature can be a warm-up match.

C Luo 2012 didn’t attend the Golden Globe Awards ceremony continues to be criticized, and then three decades CR7 appeared in Zurich, the Cheap Fifa 07 Coins Portuguese the several attend are with grasp the Golden Globe Prize, and, in addition to the awards ceremony before you start of 2013 not enemy single on the year scored 91 targets Oh Messi outside, the other two H Ronaldo wish coronation. This time knowing that the prize is not happy to attend for Messi if your green leaves fifapointgreat.


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