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Said in a authentic game, offence is the finest defense, people pay more awareness of the content in the overall game on how to assault, how to enjoy, and so on, that’s right, the offense than security beaten do more conveniently. Believe that most in the players have had expertise, however, is the ball constantly in each other’s toes, the ball is always in their own half area of operation, their offense always show error, are not allowed to help pass. If it is another person’s attack. Actually can change just how we understand, it is someone else’s preventive, can break away the ball, defense is not sufficient, you can’t stop people from attack.

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The cheapest price for fifa coins in www.fifa16sale.com

And defense is the FIFA the overall game, and all of the most important part in sports video game titles. Who wouldn’t, shooting the ball, said broke this factor. But defense is a major, big science. Friendly game in the LAN incorporate the use of the traditional defense, cyber war, can only use defensive strategies, the game is a technique by default. Key the difference is how the strategy has a have, the default is this mouth, while traditional no protection.

FIFA is only sport, if you blindly ranking position, not to rob, you are very simple to attack the last 30 meters variety of dangerous area. At the same time also have to use other means connected with defense, one of the crucial function, that is to assist.


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