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If you are looking to find Adam Johnson within FIFA 16 or FUT 16 coins you happen to be out of luck. The disgraced English footballer continues to be wiped clean from the overall game.

In case you usually are wondering why its this specific simple. Johnson was found responsible of sexually abusing a 15-year-old fan and is facing up to ten years in prison.

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Because of that, Child abuse support groups and several fans launched a case for Electronic Arts to remove him from the game. Seems EA agree that they should be removed and has since comply.

Adam Johnson has been taken from the Active Rosters regarding both Sunderland and The united kingdom in FIFA 16, a rep for EA said in the statement.

Were working to take away him from other modalities within the game immediately.

FIFA franchise has been ranked typically the most popular video game in the british isles last year and this particular years edition FIFA of 16 has sold 2. 5 million copies in the UK and even more worldwide.


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