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Some of you can be aware, Ultimate Team on Fifa 16 PS3 may be down for most people for 12 days at this point. The short of it when i understand is that EA accidentally gave many players 2, 000, 000 coins as a day-to-day log in bonus and deactivated the full service for about per week.

They claim that it can be back on for almost all users whilst they analyse the remainder accounts, but based on Twitter I am aware this problem is common! At the moment, it appears that EA have zero intention of fixing this challenge at all.

I am pretty annoyed at paying a high price for a game and having the main game mode not assist no attempts by EA to solve their own issue, so on Saturday My partner and i made a Twitter page and currently we have now over 1600 tweets around the issue! The problem is, the PS3 userbase can be shrinking, and EA are putting resources directly into updating the PS4 as well as Xbox One versions of the game whilst PS3 customers sit waiting, with the same revisions reposted by EA again and again.

Please, please, please could you guys support it at my page and retweeting the pinned tweet at the very top regarding complaints to Watchdog. I am attempting to obtain EA on the plan this Thursday, but to do therefore i need more support! Just by retweeting that you are sending this issue to help Watchdog and EA and I’d really appreciate your help. Just visit my site and retweet the pinned tweet at the top!

Fifa Coins Account from www.fifa16sale.com

Fifa Coins Account from www.fifa16sale.com

Remember, it’s PS3/PS4/PC/IOS/Xbox one/Xbox 360 now, but it could possibly be Xbox One or PS4 up coming! For some reason I doubt it could take 12 days on those consoles though.


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