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We can see that numerous of you are right now asking when TOTS is out with friends for FIFA 16 this holiday season, as its the season finale event for that game and the big chance to obtain the best rated players on Ultimate Team.

Some of you happen to be wondering if TOTS for FIFA 16 will be out in April, but were here to remind you this traditionally happens in the center of May so you still have a very while to wait.

Cheap Fifa 17 Coins from mmo4pal.com

Cheap Fifa 17 Coins from mmo4pal.com

EA has not announced the official FIFA 16 TOTS relieve date yet, but we can state that last year it happened on Wednesday May 20, 2015.

Given that EA always remain faithful to the same schedule year on year, we wouldnt be amazed if TOTS for FIFA sixteen started on May 20. Having said that, speculation has already begun in regards to May 11 start date too – seven days earlier.

Either way it happens with a Wednesday and if we see once schedule as last 12 months – Xbox FIFA of sixteen cards are out at 9PM, PS4 at 10PM in addition to PC/Mobile at 11PM – all UK times.

Are you excited with regards to TOTS for FIFA 16 Ultimate Team this holiday season? Keep continuous attention to our site and the latest game information will likely be update every day.






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