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There is a new FIFA game coming this year, without a doubt. This is what you must know about the FIFA 18 release date, features, FIFA 17 cover as well as other important details.

During the EA earnings call on May 10th, the company teased enhancements in three key locations, but did not confirm the particular release date. EA CEO Andrew Wilson claimed that FIFA 17 will deliver a, “major leap forward within personalization, immersion and competition. ”

fifa 17 coins at

fifa 17 coins at

In late May EA confirmed that gamers are able to play FIFA 17 in EA Play in August, which means we should know more very soon.

We expect that EA will probably announce Cheap Fifa Coins soon, likely kick off a cover vote and begin bringing attention to the game ahead of a other dressing up event in June. We see a brand-new FIFA 17 coins game annually and EA just started discussing NHL 17, Madden 17 and specifically addressing the overall game.

Will EA come back having a big FIFA 17 upgrade that delivers regarding green stats update and a new roster upgrade? The details are even now murky, but we can outline what is happening now and what is coming.

So thanks for your reading at our Playerhot FIFA 17 coins game center.


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