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Touted as the the majority of realistic football game available, Konami looks to forge ahead while using next installment of Pro Evolution Soccer, PES 2017. PES Brand Manager Adam Bhatti confirmed the release of PES 2017 for that PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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This time around there seems to be a difference. Last years game has been a faster, almost arcade-like experience. PES 2017 touts your tagline Control Reality, with Konamis webpage showing off features such as Accurate Pass, Real Touch, Corner Kick Strategies, and Natural Player Motion. But one bullet stage that caught our extravagant is Adaptive AI.

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With adaptive AI as being a selling point for games since the time of 1990s fighting game Rise with the Robots, it will be interesting to find out how PES 2017 makes good on this feature. One of our greatest grouses with PES 2016 seemed to be its inconsistent defensive AI that made the action a tad frustrating.

Nonetheless, you can expect PES 2017 at some point around September, as was the situation with PES 2016. Perhaps earlier than FIFA 17 coins.

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