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FIFA 17 doesn’t emerge until late September, but there were some demo stations offered by E3 2016 for individuals who were interested in any sneak peek. I tried it on the Xbox One and recorded the gameplay against a different player. What do I think until now? Hit the play button to determine.

Note: The game isn’t final yet making sure that things may change before its release.

The presentation looks mostly the same, but you’ll notice an important difference when the camera zooms in around the faces. There’s so much additional detail. You can see scars or perhaps pimples on the players’ encounters. I’m not sure if that’s the best thing or not, because players now look older (though which alone doesn’t change the direction they play).

Penalties, free kicks, corners, and throw-ins look totally different from the previous version likewise. There’s no more remaining or right indicator throughout penalty kicks. During corners, there’s a ball indicator that you move before a quit. The longer you support the X button, the stronger the kick will visit the spot.
Free kicks further in the net stay in Tele Transmit view. You can press the Left Follow change it to this close-up view that we’re accustomed to in FIFA 16. Free kicks closer for the net look better. During the kick, the camera zooms within, and then automatically zooms out if it gets deflected as well as doesn’t go inside. Also, I noticed you are now able to move the player throwing inside the ball.

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Moving the ball is mainly the same, but there’s an advancement in how players physically interact collectively, whether it’s blocking any run, or shielding the fifa 18 coins ball. Your player will slow if he gets shoved by an opponent. It feels more realistic compared to the previous version, which makes me content.

I noticed that passes were a little more difficult. Passing blindly didn’t work quite often, and I found myself being forced to be more patient to whom I’m passing to be able to.

A new major characteristic for FIFA 17 coins may be the Journey, where you live your story on / off the pitch as the Premier League’s next rising star, Alex Hunter. Unfortunately, I did not are able to play this mode, since there were people behind me have been also eager to enjoy.

Overall, I’m happy with FIFA 17 coins to date. I’m planning to pre-order in the Xbox Store. What do you feel? Let us know inside comments!


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