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Barcelona officially announced that this team activated Denis Suarez 3, 250, 000 eorus’ repurchase provision. The players would come back to the team from Villarreal. The two sides agreed upon four years, and liquidated damages ended up being 50 million euros.

Buy Fifa 17 Coins Now 22-year-old Spanish midfielder had joined Barcelona inside the summer of 2013. He played in the actual Segunda Division with Barca N team, played 36 games, got 7 goals and 11 assists. In 14-15 season he or she was on loan for you to Sevilla. Last summer he registered Villarreal with 400 million euros transfer fee, but Barcelona has the correct to repurchase.

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Last season Suarez played 33 times for Villarreal within La Liga, got 4 goals and also 7 assists. Such data also makes Barcelona launched a buyback offer. Suarez has also turn into a new signing of Barcelona come early july. His return will increase the thickness of the midfield.


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