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Pep Guardiola’s men produced a fantastic display to clinch some sort of 3-1 victory, having come from guiding, with the Belgian netting a great free-kick to turn the sport on its head.

Speaking to reporters following the game for Cheap Fifa 17 Coins, De Bruyne said this Blues had made the statement, which he hopes will spark a substantial European run.

“It was a big game for individuals, ” he told reporters. “We know we were under pressure.

“The beginning was complicated – we made a few mistakes. The second half was top notch.

“We deserved it. Barca didn’t create many chances and ultimately, we deserved the success.

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“Everybody knows the model we play. Everything fell in the proper place.

“Even in Barcelona, we tried to do the same. It’s difficult to practice it against them. We’d tried at your Nou Camp with a lesser amount of luck.

“It’s an enormous boost to search further in the Champs League now. ”

De Bruyne’s superbly-struck free-kick was the initial direct set-piece Barcelona had conceded in the competition since 2009.

On the subject regarding his goal, the Belgian explained: “It wasn’t planned [shooting on the wrong side].

“I just saw Ter Stegen seemed to be too central, and went that means. I was looking – no matter to be fair.

“He was too much in the center and he took one step therefore it was too difficult to get back I reckon. ”


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