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Game play has barely moved forward at all from last year – in several ways, in fact, it has regressed, with new animations seeming to build problems with the flow in the game. While with fantastic game for ¬†Cheap Fifa 17 Coins at times felt a little too static, players now feel twitchy and less in control, taking that split-second too much time to respond to your own commands. Passing feels rigid and unresponsive, and too often ends directed at the wrong player – a direct result of poorly implemented control guidance. Shooting, too, suffers, as you can’t always rely on your players to strike the ball in the manner you expect them to help.

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Carrying on FIFA’s traditions of alternating between velocity being over- and underpowered, the game is once more just that little little too fast. It’s hard to get a foothold in a complement and speed-freaks like Walcott and Aubameyang could be almost unplayable if you show up against a shrewd challenger. Whether this feels like a backwards step to you is perhaps a matter of flavor – many felt FIFA 17 was a little too slow. But anything that promotes one-dimensional play must be seen as a negative.

Set pieces see their particular biggest retooling in many years. Gone are the ghostly arrows taken from dead balls, and as a result setting up high-quality deliveries has grow to be considerably trickier. Corners now offer which you cursor to place within the penalty box, with the length of your button-press determining the arc in the ball. Free kicks are taken essentially blind. And penalties are also stranger, with the left-stick now controlling your run-up and the right, unguided, aiming your strike.

I welcome these regions of the game becoming harder – it is far too easy with previous FIFAs to score free kicks in the edge of the field, for example. But some of this changes, particularly corners, feel unnatural and at odds with all the years of set-piece development that contain preceded them. No doubt we’ll get another new system in a few year’s time.

The biggest tactical change comes the way you can now easier shield the ball : players are stronger along with, with their back with a defender, much harder to dispossess. This makes target men an even more viable option than within previous years, encouraging a bit far more variety in playing styles, but the balance purely isn’t quite right. Winning back possession is usually maddeningly hard, even on the easier difficulty settings.

The feeling that dominated nearly all of my play sessions was considered one of sore-thumbed frustration from going after the ball. Slide tackles have been recently nerfed, and so all that you can do is chase, chase and try to get the occasional foot in. In many matches, particularly against CPU opposing team, I simply gave upwards – I was better off expecting a goal kick or perhaps throw-in than I was implementing any kind of press.

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