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Despite such an emphatic result against local rivals, that included a hat-trick with regard to central defender Taylor Bellis, Kennedy insists the manner of the side’s passing participate in was what most satisfied him.

He said: “The one of popular game for Fifa Coins For Sale thing we were all delighted with wasn’t the result or the volume of goals, it was the style of our play.

“If we had performed in pink jerseys with blue spots opposed to this of the world, you still would have known that’s a Manchester City workforce.

“I don’t care with regards to who we were playing as we must go into every game knowing it’s merely another opportunity to play great football. ”

Having already lifted the Premier League International Cup up to now this season, it’s proving to become a memorable year for Stansted City’s youngsters.


However, Kennedy insists this is just the beginning of the achievements for his talented squad.

“I only came in July but we’ve been working hard to implement everything we could for this group. I was immediately impressed while using group anyway but since then they have all proved helpful hard, ” said Kennedy.

“It’s been a professional effort so far and this group have a very special opportunity going frontward. They’re an incredibly grounded party who just keep improving. ”

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