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We know Hazard won the October’s POTM. So what we may care about is who will be the next POTM for November. Community can vote for their favorite, the winner will get a purple POTM card. So here let’s take a look at potential players for November POTM.

Over the community, it seems that Costa with 82 pace gets the highest support. And also Machester City Agüero also gets the Cheap Fifa 17 Coins rather high support due to his outstanding performance. Besides, here is a guy said something about POTM potential players,

“Pedro also got 2 goals 2 assists but the attackers didn’t stand out that much this month. Hopefully maybe some midfielders/defenders can get in…Chelsea won 3 games so they are most likely maybe Matic (2 assists) or Luiz.


Liverpool drew 1 won 2 so maybe Henderson, Can (1 goal), Matip who have played well in all those games concede 1 goal same as Chelsea. The attacker candidates only really fired for 1 game against Watford. Reckon Hendo deserves something for his great transition into CDM made most tackles, passes and distance covered in the league.

West Brom also drew 1 won 2. Matt Phillips looks like the stand out as attacker there 2 goals 3 assists.

Man City same but unimpressive wins. If not Aguero maybe Fernandinho he has been a rock.”

I think it is a good point, so what do you think of? Do you think who will deserve POTM? I guess we will stay until EA probably release the result in December. Not to mention the news on our website, cheap FIFA 17 coins are available here MMO4PAL.COM .

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