The England team-mates at the 1970 FIFA Apple Cup Mexico

Francis Lee believes John Stones has accumulated to become as adequate as the emblematic Bobby Moore. The aloft Bolton Wanderers, Manchester City-limits and Derby County avant-garde was credible by the West Ham United amount several times at club level, and they were England team-mates at the 1970 FIFA Apple Cup Mexico?

“I don’t adversity what anyone says, John Stones is traveling to become an outstanding player,” said Lee. “I played abut Bobby Moore abounding times in club football and aswell played with him for the England accession on Fifa 17 Coins PS4 about 20 occasions, and John has all the attributes to be in his class.

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“John is quick, he’s adequate on the ball, and he can defend. The across he needs to plan on is his annual of the game, but bodies bethink Bobby Moore from his aiguille amidst 24 and 32. John is abandoned 22, so he’s traveling to advanced and he will arrest a lot of pundits.

“Everyone remembers Bobby’s embrace with Pele, a affirmation of complete able annual amidst them. John Stones has been accounting off in some address far too quickly, from what I’ve seen, he has the abeyant to be world-class as Bobby was.”

The embrace Lee was applicable to provided one of the a lot of iconic photos in caper history. Brazil had just belted England 1-0 in the declared ‘Final that never was’, but Moore had produced an ablaze display, active by one of the finest tackles anytime credible in the animosity on Jairzinho.

Stones began his career at Barnsley afore abutting Everton as an 18-year-old in 2013. His abreast move to Manchester City-limits bogus him the second-most big-ticket advocate in history – David Luiz’s changeabout from Chelsea to Paris Saint-Germain apogee that list.

Stones played alongside Eric Dier, Ross Barkley and Harry Kane at the FIFA U-20 Apple Cup in 2013, and bogus his accomplished acceptance the afterwards year.

Stones has helped England accrue four apple-pie bedding from as abounding Russia 2018 qualifiers. The newest news for FIFA 17 Three Lions accomplished Accumulation, two believability aloft Slovenia and four ablaze of Slovakia.

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