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Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero have much in accordance. Argentinian, talented and prolific goalscorers, they have built up a perfect understanding, despite one being left-footed plus the other right. Together they have won a FIFA U-20 Globe Cup title and Olympic gold and possess appeared in various finals with all the senior national team. Now the firmest involving friends, there was a time when Aguero didn’t even know who Messi has been, as he admitted to MMO4PAL. com.

“We were having lunch with the national U-20 team, ” explained a grinning Aguero. “Lionel was sitting beside me. All my team-mates were discussing the Buy Fifa 17 Coins boots he’d brought through the USA, and I just couldn’t work out how he’d bought them. Who was this kid? ”

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Already a first scale player with Independiente, the 17-year-old Kun got evidently not been keeping a close eye on the most up-to-date developments in Spanish sports, as he acknowledged: “I asked him his / her name and he stated: ‘Lionel, Lionel Messi, ’ but I received no idea who they was. I was just trying to see how he’d managed to acquire those boots. Then one of my team-mates told me: ‘You don’t know who he could be? It’s Messi, the kid from Barcelona’. That’s when I realized who he was. I tell you one thing, though: he knew who My spouse and i was! ” As Aguero proceeded to explain, the story still brings a smile for the face of the Barcelona superstar, with whom he has since accumulated the firmest of friendships as well as a fierce rivalry on the subject of video games.

“You only have to say hello to Leo to realise that of a good kid he is actually, ” said the Stansted City striker. “A lot of people don’t know that, because he doesn’t prefer to show it on TV or in public places. He’s just an ordinary guy, though. He’s a good mixer and he cracks jokes exactly like any Argentinian. He gets on very well with everyone and he’s as normal since they come. ”

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