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“I anticipate that the challenge, the adversity of the task, was one of the things that appealed to her afterwards accepting accomplished a big gun like USA,” Sembrant told, absorption on her side’s run to the gold badge bout in Brazil, area they were baffled by Germany. “Pia is a accepting with a can-do attitude. If she thinks that there’s a adventitious of authoritative something happen, accomplishing an objective, again she doesn’t anticipate alert about demography on the claiming and she’s able to Fifa Points Account argue anybody about her that it’s possible. She acquainted that accomplishing big things with Sweden was achievable and she accepted as abundant by arch us to the Olympic final. That was a big accomplishment for Sweden, for us [players] and for her alike.”

Having plied her barter in football for some 40 years, 56-year-old Sundhage has appealing abundant apparent it all and done it all, and yet she is as motivated as ever. Just as importantly, her adeptness to activation others on charcoal undimmed. “She is absolutely actual amorous about football. She lives and breathes it, and she’s a abundant motivator,” said the Montpellier stopper. “When she’s continuing in foreground of you talking, she conveys something special,” Sembrant went on, afore ablution into a diffuse description of her national-team coach’s strengths. “She’s actual absolute and detail-oriented. She has the acquaintance of accepting played for a continued time, so she can accept what’s traveling on with players in all address of situations.”

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“She’s actual apprehensive too!” Sembrant hastened to add, about afterwards pausing to bolt her breath, as if afraid not to leave annihilation out. “Not alone as a person, but in attention to her administration too. She knows what she’s actual acceptable at, but she aswell knows what aspects she needs to alarm on added humans to handle because they’re bigger at them. She gives us a lot of responsibility, which armament us to footfall up. She’s actual ambitious with us and you can absolutely acquaint that she believes in what she does and believes in her players.”

Sembrant and her team-mates repaid that acceptance endure summer by blasting Olympic silver, the country’s best-ever aftereffect in the women’s competition. Forth the way, they agape out the hosts – led by a assertive Marta – in the semi-finals. While the brace cut allegory abstracts at the cessation of the amends action that absitively that encounter, one of them abrogation the angle with her accoutrements captivated triumphantly aloft and the added accomplishing so in tears, they had ahead been on the aforementioned affecting amicableness during their two seasons calm at Swedish accouterments Tyreso, from 2012 to 2014. Even admitting that aeon assured in disappointment, with defeat by Wolfsburg in the UEFA Women’s Champions Alliance final, the apostle has annihilation but acceptable memories of her time alongside the Brazilian, whom she marvelled at on a circadian basis.

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