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In this weekend, La Liga a focus war begins in the Bernabeu. Real Madrid will be at your home against the Spaniards. Before the game for Fifa 17 Coins PS4, Real Madrid coach i went to the press conference, he confirmed that Bale will probably be back in this video game.

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For Morata who had been entangled by recent exchange rumors, Zidane clearly said this individual hoped he could remain and confirmed he will be a starting player in this particular game: “I do not want Morata to leave the team come early july. In this game next to Spain, he will start the experience. I also know that this won’t be his last time as a starting appearance. Condition that who can start out depends on different circumstances of each and every game and each player. Our staff clearly know how many minutes each gambler played, and we want these to know that eventually of the season they might play all the vitality.

For the rotation with the team, Zidane replied: “Everyone in the training performance is extremely good. I have 24 players. To arrange their playing time can be a very difficult thing. Everyone is very significant. Three days a activity, so we have to stick to the rotation, which will give others an opportunity and bring some oxygen to the team. We will always adhere to the rotation policy before end of the period.


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