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The band, who are all massive football fans, acquire had several career highlights. Their latest album, ‘Fifa 17 Points’, accomplished bulk three in the UK anthology archive in January, continuing the success from their four anterior flat albums. Drummer Dan Flint takes a lot of pride in the band’s actualization in the soundtrack for FIFA14 with their alone ‘Lived A Lie’.

“It was a camp moment,” Flint said. “We were on bout in the United States if it came out, and the aboriginal clue that came on if we put in the disc was our own! Josh takes a lot of amusement from acceptable on FIFA COINS in general, but audition our own song in the highlight reel is abundant for us.”

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Helyer continued: “Not alone was it air-conditioned for us to be involved, it aswell apparent our music to new audiences, and football admirers who adeptness not acquire anytime heard of You Me At Six. To acquire ‘Lived A Lie’ in the soundtrack opened doorways to new territories, and it is something we would adulation to be allotment of again.”

Would the bandage be absorbed in continuing the attitude of Apple Cup anthems for England at the FIFA Apple Cup? in Russia next year?

“We would 100 per cent adulation to do a Apple Cup song for England!” Helyer said. “We adulation football, so it would be amazing for us. We yield abundant amusement from alive on a abstraction as musicians and accumulation that with Josh’s way of creating the agreeable content. It’s something we would adulation to do, if we had the chance.”

If Gareth Southgate can accommodate England’s condoning accumulation over the next few months, we may be audition a lot added from You Me At Six in 2018.


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