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Today is Messi’s 10 anniversary that scored this goal by passing through 5 persons! The Barcelona official website interviewed towards the three former Getafe CF avid gamers, they have participated in the game against Barcelona in which year.

Belemenger: When you’re in the one-on-one defense, it’s hard to secure Messi, and the station is bad at that time. Leo’s center of gravity is very low, very strong, and not easy in order to pull, it is difficult to Cheap Fifa Mobile Coins stop him using the way of foul.

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Luis Garcia: when Messi dribbling the ball to pass through person, the ball is very all-around his feet, it is difficult to avoid him, this is the primary great goal scored within Messi career, but since then, He scored a lot of good goals.

Harvey CascAro: This is the type of typical scenario, you think teammates will get rid of Messi, but in fact the teammates let the defense become more difficult. The ball is similar to the goal that is scored by Maradona around the World Cup.

The Spanish “Daily Activity newspaper” lists the five reasons why Barcelona can reverse Juventus. First of all, Messi is in good condition. Messi’s side revealed that he was very angry right now, he was very dissatisfied while using performance of the team in Turin, he vented the royal society. In the La Liga little league, Messi scored 29 ambitions, he is also inside lead in the Western european Golden Boot competition. In the Champions League he scored 11 ambitions, and his total purpose in Barcelona has reached 498, only one step from the 500 scored. Barcelona hopes to rely on Messi to achieve some sort of reversal, in fact, no players can lead the team to perform the magnificent feat.

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