Old School Adaptation Traveling Age-old School with Fossil Island


Fossil Island

Old School Runescape is traveling absolutely ANCIENT with the accession of the Deposit Island amend that brings bedrock flows and “secrets millions of years old”. Deposit Island is absolute to Old School RuneScape and is accessible for players of all levels (runescapegoldfast.com is a best site for rs player to buy cheap runescape gold).

In accession to a new chance that takes them to the island itself (but not afore they advice body a barge to captain above the sea) players will appointment the forgotten, ashen Wyverns; yield advantage of new skilling opportunities; and ascertain the fossilised charcoal of creatures from Gielinor’s prehistory. The barrage of Deposit Islandwill aswell see the architecture in Varrock expanded, so players can affectation the charcoal of the aggregation of aged creatures that already inhabited Deposit Island to the blow of the inhabitants.

You can apprentice added on the Old School Runescape site.

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