The Future Update In RuneScape – The Lost Grove


Occupying over 10 map squares, which is even bigger than Prifddinnas, the Lost Bracken is a littoral island to the west of the gameworld, attainable from the berserk swamps.

Lost Grove

Imagine a dark, blubbery awning over an age-old forest, earlier than the elven dupe or the spirit copse – at its affection sits a huge, arresting oak, with its roots so abysmal they braid the affection of the planet.

Various creatures alarm this abode home, such as fairies and wisps, but for now let’s administer on these bark-clad badasses.

Slayer Mobs

While they accept a affectionate of beautiful attending about them, they are far from it. Sitting proudly at 104, 106 and 108 Slayer, these critters – anniversary of which sits on a point on the action triangle – are allotment of the bracken and will be in adventurous next week! Inspired in allotment by the old moss giants which were appear aback in 2001, anniversary has its own altered challenges.

The altered bead from these new creatures is the cinderbane gloves – some arise new amalgam gloves that sit at bank 85. They can administer a basal adulteration in combat, which can be added by added means!

Now a massive breadth like that’s traveling to accept added agreeable on it than some mobs, right?

Well, we’re abacus a few added things for you to ascertain while you analyze the place, not atomic a new account D&D focussed about the Farming and Hunter skills.

And again there’s this guy.

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