OSRS Woodcutting 1-99 Guide


As able-bodied as alms you the cheapest OSRS  Gold online. We aswell like to advice you in the bold as able-bodied and that is what we are accomplishing today with this Woodcutting guide.


If you abrasion the Lumberjack Accouterments while you are woodcutting you get a 2.5xp bonus. So if you accept it, abrasion it!

Level 1-15: Trees!!! From 1 to 15 all you do is cut trees, they are everywhere!

Level 15-30: Oak copse are what you will wish to be acid actuality and they are everywhere as well.

Level 30-60: Willow trees, just south of Draynor Village there is a nice little breadth that has a acceptable bulk of willow copse for you to cut down.

Level 60-65: Maple logs, Afore you alpha ambidextrous with maple logs, you ability wish to accede entering the woodcutting brotherhood for the 50k XP per hour it can get you. If you do not wish to accord with the brotherhood Abaft Seers Village Coffer there are some you can get.

Level 65-90: Teak trees, Ape Attol is the best abode in the bold to get to these, but it does beggarly you will accept to accept done at atomic Monkey Madness 1.

Level 90-99: Redwood trees, these can be absolute AFK and action absurd Woodcutting XP, but you do charge to be in the Woodcutting brotherhood to be able to chop these.

Woodcutting could not be any easier. Of course, if you wish to accomplish some money while accomplishing this afresh you will accept to chop things like abracadabra trees, which you can do if you are in the guild.

Thanks for account and accomplish abiding your OSRS coffer antithesis is advantageous by blockage out our awesomely priced, Old School Runescape Gold.

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