Trent Richardson signs with CFL’s Roughriders

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Trent Richardson is aback on the gridiron.

The NFL doesn’t accept a wish for the 2012 draft’s No. 3 all-embracing aces just yet, but the Canadian Football Alliance is accessible for the tailback’s services ( are offering cheap Madden NFL Coins online). NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport appear the Saskatchewan Roughriders alive Richardson to their agenda Tuesday.

Richardson, who played just three seasons in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns and Indianapolis Colts, has a adventure that’s able-bodied accepted by now. One of the better busts in abstract history, Richardson ran for just 2,032 yards on 614 career carries afterwards getting called advanced of players like Luke Kuechly, Dontari Poe and Fletcher Cox.

Despite a able amateur division with the Browns if he denticulate 11 touchdowns, Richardson was traded in 2013 for a first-round aces to the Colts, who cut him just a year afterwards afterwards he struggled to accretion yards. The above Alabama aback bounced about Oakland Raiders and Baltimore Ravens camps in 2015 and 2016, but afterwards infamously missing holes, he never recorded a regular-season blow afterwards 2014.

Richardson joins a Roughrider band that appearance adolescent NFL adept OL Bruce Campbell.

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