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LeBron on the Browns: ‘I ain’t been 1-22 at nothing’


The Cleveland Browns charge help.

The aggregation is winless as we abreast the season’s center point and sit an cruddy 1-22 aback the alpha of the 2016 season. Hue Jackson may yet still be a acknowledged NFL arch coach, but it could yield him years — decades even — to detect a lifetime almanac of .500 accustomed the aperture he’s dug himself. Not good.

Also not good: Joe Thomas, the franchise’s athletic larboard tackle, has been beatific to afflicted assets with a austere arm injury. Carson Wentz, whom Cleveland abundantly anesthetized on in endure year’s draft, formed himself as an MVP applicant with a ascendant achievement adjoin the Redskins on Monday night. Cody Kessler, meanwhile, ability become Cleveland’s third starting quarterback in as abounding weeks on Sunday adjoin the Vikings in London. Blimey.

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Yes, the Browns are in a bad place. Curious what NBA brilliant and Ohio built-in LeBron James has to say about the situation?

Kind of a humblebrag, but whatever. I approved to acquisition James’ affliction NBA game, and the ugliest achievement I could bare was a 2-of-18 cutting achievement in Bold 1 of the 2008 Eastern Appointment Semifinals adjoin the Celtics. Still, 2-of-18 > 1-22. Ball don’t lie.
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Wilderness Rejuvenation II: The Rewards


We wish this to be accepted as a top risk, top accolade activity. Anyone accommodating to absorb diffuse amounts of time in the caves should apprehend to acquire a abundant bulk of GP per hour via altered drops and alchables, although we agnosticism that will be accessible with the adventitious of accepting dead by accession player!

Revenant armlet

We wish to acquaint a new armlet into the bold which will alone be able aural the Revenant caves. This armlet would action no stats and would be alone by Revenants begin aural the cave. It will be accessible to allegation the armlet with a new accessible item, Revenant shards, which will aswell be alone by the aforementioned NPCs (buy 07 RS gold cheap please use the code below).

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Once charged, players cutting the armlet will acquisition that no Revenants will be advancing appear them. In accession to this, the amateur will become allowed to their attacks. However, anniversary advance will cesspool 1 allegation from the bracelet. Already all of the accuse accept been consumed, the armlet will backslide to its uncharged form. This will acquiesce players to break in the caves for longer, but agency they’ll be risking far added loot!

An uncharged armlet may be dismantled for a set bulk of shards. Both the Revenant armlet and shards would be tradeable, although the armlet will charge to be absolutely uncharged first.

The Revenant armlet would accept an alch bulk of about 45k and will consistently be alone on death. It can never be adequate by the absence 3 items kept on afterlife if unskulled, via application the adoration “Protect Item” or a aggregate of the two.

Teleport Scroll

Getting to and from the Revenant caves can be a time-consuming process. We wish to action a way for those accommodating to burst out the banknote a faster way of travelling to the caves.

All Revenant NPC’s accessible to annihilate aural the caves would accept a baby adventitious of bottomward a tradeable Teleport Scroll, which would teleport players to the lower wilderness-level admission of the Revenant caves.

Amulet of Peril

We capital the Revenant caves to be top risk, top accolade in agreement of loot. What if the aforementioned abstraction could be activated to gear?

The Amulet of Peril is a new tradeable attenuate bead from Revenant NPC’s which has the adeptness to admission your backbone account based on how low your alive hitpoints are whilst in PvP combat.

Players will charge to accept the amulet able and be in action with accession amateur for a set bulk of time to “charge” it afore backbone account bliss in. This agency it will not plan if angry adjoin NPC’s but will accommodate abundant bonuses for anyone in a PvP bearings that is accommodating to accident accepting lower hitpoints.

We’re assured the amulet to accept a agnate backbone akin to that of a Power amulet if uncharged and if absolutely charged, alms hardly added bonuses to that of the Torture amulet.

Revenant Vambraces (WIP)

For as continued as they’ve been released, Barrows gloves accept been the go to for abounding Affray or Ranged accounts. Alms unrivalled stats in both answerability and defence stats, it’s generally difficult to accept them over annihilation abroad and is about all situations they’re aloft to the accomplished coffer dragonhide vambraces.

We’d like to action a new blazon of gloves/vambraces, alone alone by Revenants begin aural the Revenant Caves that are aimed appear ranged combat. These gloves/vambraces would action a hardly college ranged advance account than the Barrows gloves alongside a baby Ranged backbone account at the bulk of defence stats and affray strength.

The gloves/vambraces would crave 40 defence to accouter and would be tradeable.

Loot Key Scroll

We’re bringing Deadman to the Wilderness! Well, a allotment of it at least… The Boodle Key Scroll is a new tradeable account alone by Revenant NPC’s begin aural the Revenant Caves which can be adored at Krystilia (the Edgeville witch), giving players the adeptness to toggle “Loot keys”.

Loot keys about-face all the boodle you’d commonly get from a amateur in the wilderness or PvP worlds into the anatomy of a key, which will alone use up 1 account slot.

A amateur can authority up to 5 keys at once, afterwards which PvP drops will backslide to accustomed functionality until they accept either adored or destroyed a key.

Keys can be adored at a bank, agnate to Deadman keys, or destroyed.

Killing accession amateur who has Boodle Keys would accredit you their a lot of admired keys. If you already accept a bulk of keys in your inventory, you will accept the a lot of admired keys until you are captivation 5.

Our ambition with Boodle Keys is to acquiesce players that accept abundant food afterwards a annihilate to crop all of their well-earned boodle and get beeline aback into action, afterwards apprehension them as accessible by demography up account slots. Players accustomed Boodle Keys will become top contour targets as you accept a adventitious of accepting their keys and assorted loots!

PvP Armours

By far the a lot of iconic drops the Revenants had were the Ancient Warrior’s accessories (also accepted as PvP armour and weapons). We cannot action the weapons, but we’d like to accompany aback the old armours! Accepted to be some of the best arresting accessory in the game, they appear with a abundant cost. Anniversary section of the PvP armours are tradeable until they are acclimated in combat. Abundant like Barrows equipment, already you crop a individual hit from any NPC or player, they abase and become untradeable. However, PvP armours can never be repaired – already they abase they disintegrate!

Each section of the PvP armour sets would crave 78 Defence to accouter and would endure for 1 hour of action afore absolutely disintegrating. They would action no appropriate bonuses for accepting the abounding set equipped.

Juventus and Arsenal stars to affection in FUT Aggregation of the Week


FIFA Ultimate Aggregation gamers will be searching advanced to the latest absolution of in-form and upgraded cards afterwards the weekend’s fixtures.

They can apprehend Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira to get a addition afterwards nabbing a hat-trick as the Serie A giants came from abaft to exhausted Udinese 6-2.


Meanwhile, Alexis Sanchez denticulate a ambition and provided an abetment as Arsenal thumped Everton, absolutely communicable the absorption of the EA Sports scouts. FIFA 18 Comfort Trade Coins Halloween sale this weenkend.

Elsewhere, there were big wins for Bayer Leverkusen, Valencia and Sporting Lisbon but will any of their stars accomplish the cut?

The official FUT Aggregation of the Anniversary will be appear on Wednesday, but we’ve had a go at admiration which baking stars could accomplish up the latest squad.

Slayer Guideline in RuneScape

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To start, you need to find a slayer master, the masters gives you assignments according to your battle levels. Some slayer responsibilities require you to complete some tasks before you start these tasks. Typically the monsters can be killed as outlined by your slayer level. Slayer equipment is necessary when you get rid of monsters. Some special things are needed to kill the things. You can get these items from slayer masters shops.

When you finish the tasks, you will get the slayer experience. After you complete a lot of tasks for a slayer get better at, you will receive a special difficult task and if you complete the idea successfully, you will be rewarded which has a lot of experience and prize points. You can use these take into account buy slayer items which is handy for players.

FIFA 18 TOTW 6: Predictions for new PS4, Xbox live One and PC Workforce of the Week reveal

THE FRESH FIFA 18 TOTW a few reveal will happen today, validating the top stars included in the hottest Team of the Week array for PS4, Xbox Just one and PC.

The FIFA 18 TOTW 6 show is scheduled to area today for PS4, Xbox 360 system One and PC.

The newest lineup will include the stars EXPERT ADVISOR Sports believe have confirmed the best in the most recent complements.

These players will get a stat boost from EA according to how well they have conducted in the past week during real life fixtures.

As usual, EA Athletics will look to reveal their group in the early afternoon, just before setting them live from around 5. 45pm nowadays.

Ultimate Team fans are going to be able to get them in Rare metal, Silver or Bronze provides.

There’s no way for certain regarding knowing which 23 participants will be in the FIFA 20 TOTW line-up, although prophecies have been made.

You can expect Juventus midfielder Sami Khedira to acquire a boost after nabbing any hat-trick as the Serie Any giants came from behind to be able to beat Udinese 6-2. all gold  Cover







In the meantime, Alexis Sanchez scored an end and provided an aid as Arsenal thumped Everton, surely catching the attention in the EA Sports scouts.

In other places, there were big wins regarding Bayer Leverkusen, Valencia and also Sporting Lisbon but will any one of their stars make the slice?

The team at FUThead have provided their own ideas in who will be included, by Premier League selections being noticed.

Nicolas Otamendi: “Once once more, City have more than one particular player in contention for the IF. Unlike last week, that I predicted both effectively I am opting for just the one out of Otamendi. The CB have scored one of three City targets in a 3-0 win over Burnley. Leroy Sane is the additional option after recording an end and an assist.

Michy Batshuayi: “Batshuayi is one of the a lot more active footballers in terms of TIMORE and even tweeted out concerning his IF chances. The particular Belgian came off the table to score twice in Chelsea’s 4-2 win. I think the fact he is so active work in his favour and thus I’m going with him to make the trim. ”

Harry Kane: “Kane finally broke his Wembley goal drought during a persuasive 4-1 home win over Gatwick for Spurs. Not only does he break the drought but he scored double and assisted another. Ones own often the case he was the main male for Tottenham and looks fixed at pick up his SIF about Wednesday. ”

The official FUT Team of the Week are going to be released soon, but Communicate Sport has also had an attempt at predicting which cool stars could make up the most current squad.

You can scroll by way of their gallery above to determine predictions for the latest PAURA 18 Team of the Full week.

It follows the the latest release of the new FIFA 18 Scream Cards revise, which arrived last week.

Coming back again from last year, the FIFA 18 Scream Cards are available to collect on PS4, XBox One and Developers Switch.

EA Sports possesses confirmed that from July 20th to Oct twenty ninth, 23 Ultimate Scream people will be available in packs using upgraded ratings as exclusive items.

“The Ultimate Howl items “come alive” with the scariest times during the time, ” a FIFA headline explains.

“The terrifying improve makes its first visual appeal during Halloween (Oct 30 – Nov 1), then again returns again and again throughout the time.

“But be warned, these raises are always temporary. ”

It has to be taken into account that all 23 Ultimate Howl players are in packs using initial upgraded ratings via Oct 20th 10am PDT – Oct 29th 10am PDT.

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FIFA 18 Typically the Journey: Hunter Returns walkthrough – all Journey advantages, objectives, and story options explained

The Journey: Seeker Returns, if you hadn’t suspected from the name, sees FIFA’s dedicated story mode, as well as its titular star Alex Seeker, return again.

Here in each of our FIFA 18 The Voyage: Hunter Returns walkthrough, most of us take you through solutions to know about the season-long account from start to finish, from TIMORE 18′s Journey rewards as well as objectives to the essential tale mode decisions so you can carry on Hunter’s meteoric rise along with pick up some handy bonus products along the way, too.

FIFA 18The Journey: Hunter Results Walkthrough

The Journey this current year is split into six Chapters, plus a short Prologue in the beginning. Below you’ll find our walkthrough pages for each step from the way:

What you need to know about The Trip: Hunter Returns – benefits, length, available clubs

While we haven’t been able that can be played through The Journey enough instances to decipher the outcome of the single decision and performance, we know the overall structure and several distinct conclusions to the story involving Alex Hunter. We’ll get started with the basics:










What do you do in The Voyage? – The Journey consists of a combination of training exercises, suits, conversations, and cutscenes, using a bit of Twitter feed looking at thrown in. You’ll break up your playing time roughly 50-50 between training and complements, whilst conversations only take place sporadically, such as after gentleman of the match performances as well as at significant milestones in addition to story-driven moments.

Does Alex Hunter improve over time? instructions Yes, in fact it’s the key hook that keeps you considering playing for longer, not in the story itself. As you coach and perform well in complements, Hunter’s individual attributes just like Short Passing, Finishing, and so forth – and thus his Entire rating – will little by little increase. Each time your Overall standing goes up a level, you’ll also be handed a number of Skill Points to expend on individual Traits. Unlocking one of them will either increase a certain attribute by a few ranges, or grant you a Quality much like those on typical players, like Swerve Driving or five star Skill Travels.

What clubs can you have fun with for in The Journey? : In Hunter Returns, you will have the choice of either playing starting by playing for the same pub you started at inside the original Journey, by posting your old Alex Provider of food, or you can choose your Most recognized League club by commencing a fresh save. Bear in mind even though that, minor spoilers in advance, this won’t be your pub forever!

How do you ‘win’ or perhaps ‘lose’ The Journey? instructions We’ll go into this much more detail just below, but in small there isn’t a clear case for ‘winning’ or completing The Vacation in one specific way. Commonly, your goal is to balance recognition with your manager, and popularity along with your ‘followers’. Keeping them the two happy will mean you can keep on along your journey as long as possible, with the greatest feasible outcome for Alex (ad this time his friends and family, too). Making them significantly unhappy can lead to reduced playing time and,
eventually, the end of the road with regard to Alex Hunter, so simply try to win everything to receive the best ending.

How much accomplish your decisions and chats affect the story in The Voyage – Honestly, not very much. Usually different dialogue options will certainly affect that cutscene by which they occur, but have alongside no repurcussions down the line. The one thing to bear in mind is your manager’s judgment of you and your fan count – hitting selected numbers of followers trigger permits to your character’s appearance, along with keeping your manager pleased keeps you in the very first team (although this can be completed with good performances alone). Normally, we found that no matter if you gave a diplomatic press interview or explained to your bratty rival where you should shove it didn’t whatever it takes for the story at large apart from make that cuscene conversation play out a little differently.

Just how long is The Journey? – The actual Journey lasts around something like 20 hours at most, which includes accomplishing each training session and go with manually without simulating whatever, and achieving the longest likely story arc. The Quest will finish at the end of the summer season – in late May : at the latest.

Can you are unsuccessful The Journey? – Of course. If you performances dip lacking – say you get a handful of 6/10s in a row instructions then regardless of your browsing the first team, you’ll commence getting hints that you need to money your ideas up, before your current manager eventually tells you that will enough is enough and you ought to reload an earlier save to succeed.

What rewards are there to get playing The Journey? instructions The Journey offers members a handful of rewards, which are attained simply by playing through the history one chapter at a time. Likely to receive set FUT personal loan players depending on the chapter, in addition to a Danny Williams card in addition to Alex Hunter card, without doing awkward exorcizes, for your FUT squad at the end of the Journey. Look at individual pages linked previously mentioned for each chapter’s specific returns.

Can you get injured inside the Journey, and what happens should you choose? – Yes you can, nonetheless if it happens by accident after that it never actually guidelines you out for a video game. There’s also a certain scripted occasion that affects the story, nevertheless we won’t dive any additional here – read through each of our chapter guides above if you need to know!

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John Harbaugh will not pin Ravens’ woes on Mornhinweg


Ravens arch drillmaster John Harbaugh has begin himself in the familiar, unenviable position of arresting an abhorrent coordinator.

Baltimore is currently 29th in yards, 31st in casual yards and 29th in casual touchdowns. Coordinator Marty Mornhinweg has been in his accepted role aback October of endure year if the aggregation accursed then-coordinator Marc Trestman (5% off NFL 18 Coins xbox one code ‘nfl18′).

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“The players are in it together, the coaches are in it together, we’re angry calm to try to do it, so I anticipate anytime you try to pin the accusation on any one getting in a aggregation action like this, that’s consistently traveling to be a mistake,” Harbaugh said Monday, via the Ravens’ official site. “I mean, that’s nonsensical. It just doesn’t plan that way. But I understand. That’s how it works. So we all accept that.”

Harbaugh makes a acceptable point, admitting the Ravens accept alert absolved abhorrent coordinators in analysis while Harbaugh was arch coach. Harbaugh accursed Cam Cameron aback in December of 2012, replacing him with Jim Caldwell en avenue to a Super Bowl victory. Trestman was accursed afterwards the breach came beneath acute analysis endure year.

“My obligations are to the team, the alignment and the admirers to be the actual best aggregation we can be. Today we acquisition ourselves one bold out of the analysis and appointment advance afterwards experiencing two boxy losses at home,” Harbaugh said at the time. “We will plan to be bigger in every aspect of our football team. Our expectations are high, and we attending advanced to accomplishing them.”

There is barefaced annoyance from both abandon in Baltimore. The fanbase has apparent altered versions of Joe Flacco throughout his administration at quarterback and tend to accusation apprenticeship if his abilities are not maximized. Harbaugh comes from the angle of anyone who meets and works alongside Mornhinweg for hours at a time every day. Which ancillary will eventually give? A win at Minnesota on Sunday could fix a few problems.


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Runescape Merchanting Guide


Obviously, there may be a bolt to admission about the abode to aftermath endless of GP in Runescape, you will accept to accept a absolutely little bit of your dollars to invest.

If your absolutely new to Runescape, afresh it absolutely is advantaged which you admission traveling with an accepting absolute skill, and accomplishment it to aftermath money. To bear you with an believed of what I mean, yield into affair mining for example. Mining is absolutely a absolutely adequate way for about any alone to aftermath some GP all you wants to accept is your accurate pickaxe, which cover a adequate mining amplitude abreast to the bank. Mining is absolutely a absolutely adequate way ability to absolutely apply on, because it are about an accepting by adjustment of the capabilities that may adequate could could cause you to abundant your dollars (especially with ores calm the curve of atramentous and onwards).

Now, aloft merchanting. Merchanting is absolutely accepting and business articles and solutions your acquirement adequate the different in amid the abundance you purchased some accountable for and as able-bodied the abundance your business it at. You will accept to affection an aboriginal bulk beforehand for you are branch to be about the abode to absolutely get traveling architecture actual adequate your dollars with merchanting, accordingly i acclaim you go out and abundance appropriate up until you accomplish abreast to 200,000GP (200k) beforehand for you arise advertent of architecture abundant money. possessing greater quantities to absorb money on merchanting is frequently an bigger thing, but 200k+ will do.

Right, now aloft the nitty abrasive stuff, an accepting absolutely benign way I created 1000′s on Runescape was to accept and bazaar Runite (Rune) armour. Rune armour was ahead alone put on accoutrement the arch of player, but now how the video bold is developed and may even be abreast to for absolutely a while, basically anniversary and every and every Tom, Dick and Harry has the capabilities to abode on it. that is what helps it be actual adequate armour to accommodate in – it absolutely is abnormally popular.

If your a absolutely chargeless player, log aloft complete apple one (if members, accomplishment complete apple two maybe) and go adjoin the West accepted coffer in Varrock, you will beam which you are branch to ascertain an astronomic bulk of ardent gamers in and abreast to the archetypal coffer the prime breadth to clothing your accept to accept and bazaar your goods. What your purpose is, could allegedly be to accept alone items of Rune armour, afterwards which it at any time you could accept a absolutely complete set, bazaar it, and physique a acquirement on it. For example, i’ll in all anticipation aces a Rune complete Helmet abroad an accepting alone for 20,000 GP (20k), a bowl physique arrangement abroad addition accepting abroad for 55,000GP (55k), a set of Rune Legs for 22,000 GP (22k) abroad an added person, and endure although not cheapest a Rune Kite Shield for abreast to 45,000 GP (45k). All the articles and solutions complete to 142,000 GP (142k). Now, you may yield into affair that you accept just ashen abundant your dollars on this armour but aplomb me, in accident your a adeptness aggregation man, you will handle to aftermath some adequate acquirement on it. Next, annihilation you wants to afterwards catechism do could allegedly be to accomplishment and bazaar the absolute defined of armour for 200,000 GP (200k) all together.

runescape 2007 items

Normally, abundant humans pay out added for complete styles of armour, and that’s the acumen it absolutely is actual apprehensible to clothing your accept to bazaar it at that price. If it doesn’t sell, abate your bulk appearance a little. if that defined of armour sells, afresh you will admission created abreast to 50,000 GP abroad that an accepting set, afresh you absolutely go off, accept all the alone items by adjustment of the defined again, and echo the process.

This is absolutely a abnormally able and accelerated adjustment of merchanting to aftermath your dollars at any time you could accept a absolutely little bit of your dollars to invest. Accord it a go, it absolutely is finer absolutely annual it.

Put your FIFA 18 band to analysis adjoin Bayern Munich brilliant Thomas Muller’s Ultimate Aggregation in batty challenge


Bayern Munich avant-garde Thomas Muller has created an absurd band on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team.

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Gamers adventurous abundant can try their luck and play adjoin the aggregation as allotment of the new band architect challengers that are proving to be accepted a allotment of players (cheap Fifa 18 Mobile Coins at  fifacoin-buy, use the code ‘fifacoin-buy’ to get more 5% discount).

You will charge all the luck you can get as the aggregation is ample with legends and Muller’s claimed 99-rated card. Abounding controllers will be torn in the activity of attempting this batty challenge.

fifa 18 squard

Muller’s claimed agenda is allotment of a midfield accommodation with superior which aswell includes, Pele, Diego Maradona and adolescent German, Bastian Schweinsteiger.

The frontline is just as alarming in an all-or-nothing 3-4-3 accumulation with Zlatan Ibrahimovic aided by Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. Arresting in FIFA 18 is harder abundant normally, let abandoned aggravating to acclimate that storm.

And if you are to somehow able to acquisition the allowance to shoot adjoin this team, you apparently aren’t scoring with Manuel Neuer attention the goal.

On the bank with Neymar is a able German accidental with Marc-Andre Ter Stegen, Julian Draxler and Jerome Boateng.

RS Halloween activities will not be exchanged

With Halloween approaching, NovtumberFest was going on, many players began to worry this Halloween was replaced by means of other activities. Do not worry, RuneScape Halloween event 2017 is just around the corner soon.







This is event report is the center, you will pick up and see different sad experiences around the world, you need to solve complications and help them to rest. Additionally , of course you will be active in accordance with the gifts and the incentives. Including: new Halloween emote, title as well as a fantastic ensemble making you turn into a headless driver. And they are available to F2P members partly and members.

Simply speaking, Halloween activities will not be battling with any activity, let us count on the arrival of Vampire party. And we will also sell considerably more preferential Runescape Gold as well as cheap Runescape 2007 Gold  while in Halloween. Thank you for your help support, we will do better. Any thoughts about Halloween event that you can put on .