Even when a whole new game is released, the effort at EA Sports home office is never quite done.

FIFA 18 has not yet been recently on the shelves for a fortnight in addition to and already its builders are striving to iron bars out any lingering errors and bugs.
But while the majority of the updates in the game’s initially patch – rolled out as soon as possible on PC and then controllers – have been welcomed, several of the more hardcore players have already been less than happy with a few distinct changes.

The first update features solved some obvious difficulties such as the underwhelming goal-net course and minor bugs in addition to crashes across the game’s a variety of different modes.

But it also manufactured fundamental changes to the game play – namely making goalkeepers more difficult to beat.
This is the key section from EA’s list of changes implemented over the patch:

Addressed the following with Gameplay:

Tuned goalkeeper tendencies in certain situations.
Tuned decrease the difficulty for Amateur in addition to Semi-Pro difficulties.
Reduced picture accuracy and slightly greater goalkeeper reaction times in many in-game situations.

Some members have claimed that PROGRAM has quietly tweaked AK defending as well, though, and therefore by making defending easier, locations skill level between individual members are now less obvious in addition to results more random therefore.

In a lengthy post publicized on Facebook, pro guitar player Benedikt ‘SaLz0r’ Saltzer rapid who represents Wolfsburg with FIFA championships – articulated these complaints, describing themselves as “thrilled” with the brand-new game before the patch premiered.

“The goalkeeper has been hugely improved, ” Saltzer composed. “Suddenly, there are significantly a lot fewer goals from positions where you have got to scored a goal before.

“Sure, it is definitely still possible to attain some goals. However , i think, far too many one-on-one situations are generally [now] damaging for the attacker. ”

Typically the reduction in shot accuracy, they added, had manifested on its own in more blocked shots rapid making defending less complicated.

“Together, all of this means that typically the AI defends very much again, which greatly weakened much better protect challenging defensive behaviour which we had at the beginning of FIFA 16 and had to learn first, very well Saltzer explained.

He determined: “If EA announces season by year that they desire to promote eSports and be a principal title then I do not genuinely understand this patch at all, since it is by no means progress but , i think, a clear step back. ”

The unhappiness has been echoed over social media.

Other players, however, disagree – including Shane Allen, another pro who have until recently represented Western world Ham.

Those supportive on the patch have been pleased to view goalscoring become more difficult, minimizing the number of one-sided and unrealistically high-scoring games.

FIFA can be comfortably the most popular football sport on the planet, but their search for please everyone will go with for a little while longer nevertheless.

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