Buy RS Gold to try out Bonus Chests

Bonus Boxes are back on Cherish Hunter, which will offer dual or triple prizes for you. There’s also twice chance to obtain the triple prize. Excited?

A person all can log in as well as open Treasure Hunter the moment it kicks off. You can open up more chests even if might claimed them in a previous operate of Bonus Chests. However this promotion is not accessible to Ironman accounts.

Each Crucial that you use to open the chest will add cost to the progress bar towards the top of the Treasure Hunter user interface. Each chest you open up affects the contents as well as multiplier of the chest. The line won’t progress beyond ten, but you can open more boxes to refresh the Reward Chest’s contents.

So move to buy cheap RS Gold to experience the exciting Bonus Boxes. you can even contact our runescape site how to get your cheap and fast  gold.

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