LeBron on the Browns: ‘I ain’t been 1-22 at nothing’


The Cleveland Browns charge help.

The aggregation is winless as we abreast the season’s center point and sit an cruddy 1-22 aback the alpha of the 2016 season. Hue Jackson may yet still be a acknowledged NFL arch coach, but it could yield him years — decades even — to detect a lifetime almanac of .500 accustomed the aperture he’s dug himself. Not good.

Also not good: Joe Thomas, the franchise’s athletic larboard tackle, has been beatific to afflicted assets with a austere arm injury. Carson Wentz, whom Cleveland abundantly anesthetized on in endure year’s draft, formed himself as an MVP applicant with a ascendant achievement adjoin the Redskins on Monday night. Cody Kessler, meanwhile, ability become Cleveland’s third starting quarterback in as abounding weeks on Sunday adjoin the Vikings in London. Blimey.

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Yes, the Browns are in a bad place. Curious what NBA brilliant and Ohio built-in LeBron James has to say about the situation?

Kind of a humblebrag, but whatever. I approved to acquisition James’ affliction NBA game, and the ugliest achievement I could bare was a 2-of-18 cutting achievement in Bold 1 of the 2008 Eastern Appointment Semifinals adjoin the Celtics. Still, 2-of-18 > 1-22. Ball don’t lie.
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