Wilderness Rejuvenation II: The Rewards


We wish this to be accepted as a top risk, top accolade activity. Anyone accommodating to absorb diffuse amounts of time in the caves should apprehend to acquire a abundant bulk of GP per hour via altered drops and alchables, although we agnosticism that will be accessible with the adventitious of accepting dead by accession player!

Revenant armlet

We wish to acquaint a new armlet into the bold which will alone be able aural the Revenant caves. This armlet would action no stats and would be alone by Revenants begin aural the cave. It will be accessible to allegation the armlet with a new accessible item, Revenant shards, which will aswell be alone by the aforementioned NPCs (buy 07 RS gold cheap please use the code below).

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Once charged, players cutting the armlet will acquisition that no Revenants will be advancing appear them. In accession to this, the amateur will become allowed to their attacks. However, anniversary advance will cesspool 1 allegation from the bracelet. Already all of the accuse accept been consumed, the armlet will backslide to its uncharged form. This will acquiesce players to break in the caves for longer, but agency they’ll be risking far added loot!

An uncharged armlet may be dismantled for a set bulk of shards. Both the Revenant armlet and shards would be tradeable, although the armlet will charge to be absolutely uncharged first.

The Revenant armlet would accept an alch bulk of about 45k and will consistently be alone on death. It can never be adequate by the absence 3 items kept on afterlife if unskulled, via application the adoration “Protect Item” or a aggregate of the two.

Teleport Scroll

Getting to and from the Revenant caves can be a time-consuming process. We wish to action a way for those accommodating to burst out the banknote a faster way of travelling to the caves.

All Revenant NPC’s accessible to annihilate aural the caves would accept a baby adventitious of bottomward a tradeable Teleport Scroll, which would teleport players to the lower wilderness-level admission of the Revenant caves.

Amulet of Peril

We capital the Revenant caves to be top risk, top accolade in agreement of loot. What if the aforementioned abstraction could be activated to gear?

The Amulet of Peril is a new tradeable attenuate bead from Revenant NPC’s which has the adeptness to admission your backbone account based on how low your alive hitpoints are whilst in PvP combat.

Players will charge to accept the amulet able and be in action with accession amateur for a set bulk of time to “charge” it afore backbone account bliss in. This agency it will not plan if angry adjoin NPC’s but will accommodate abundant bonuses for anyone in a PvP bearings that is accommodating to accident accepting lower hitpoints.

We’re assured the amulet to accept a agnate backbone akin to that of a Power amulet if uncharged and if absolutely charged, alms hardly added bonuses to that of the Torture amulet.

Revenant Vambraces (WIP)

For as continued as they’ve been released, Barrows gloves accept been the go to for abounding Affray or Ranged accounts. Alms unrivalled stats in both answerability and defence stats, it’s generally difficult to accept them over annihilation abroad and is about all situations they’re aloft to the accomplished coffer dragonhide vambraces.

We’d like to action a new blazon of gloves/vambraces, alone alone by Revenants begin aural the Revenant Caves that are aimed appear ranged combat. These gloves/vambraces would action a hardly college ranged advance account than the Barrows gloves alongside a baby Ranged backbone account at the bulk of defence stats and affray strength.

The gloves/vambraces would crave 40 defence to accouter and would be tradeable.

Loot Key Scroll

We’re bringing Deadman to the Wilderness! Well, a allotment of it at least… The Boodle Key Scroll is a new tradeable account alone by Revenant NPC’s begin aural the Revenant Caves which can be adored at Krystilia (the Edgeville witch), giving players the adeptness to toggle “Loot keys”.

Loot keys about-face all the boodle you’d commonly get from a amateur in the wilderness or PvP worlds into the anatomy of a key, which will alone use up 1 account slot.

A amateur can authority up to 5 keys at once, afterwards which PvP drops will backslide to accustomed functionality until they accept either adored or destroyed a key.

Keys can be adored at a bank, agnate to Deadman keys, or destroyed.

Killing accession amateur who has Boodle Keys would accredit you their a lot of admired keys. If you already accept a bulk of keys in your inventory, you will accept the a lot of admired keys until you are captivation 5.

Our ambition with Boodle Keys is to acquiesce players that accept abundant food afterwards a annihilate to crop all of their well-earned boodle and get beeline aback into action, afterwards apprehension them as accessible by demography up account slots. Players accustomed Boodle Keys will become top contour targets as you accept a adventitious of accepting their keys and assorted loots!

PvP Armours

By far the a lot of iconic drops the Revenants had were the Ancient Warrior’s accessories (also accepted as PvP armour and weapons). We cannot action the weapons, but we’d like to accompany aback the old armours! Accepted to be some of the best arresting accessory in the game, they appear with a abundant cost. Anniversary section of the PvP armours are tradeable until they are acclimated in combat. Abundant like Barrows equipment, already you crop a individual hit from any NPC or player, they abase and become untradeable. However, PvP armours can never be repaired – already they abase they disintegrate!

Each section of the PvP armour sets would crave 78 Defence to accouter and would endure for 1 hour of action afore absolutely disintegrating. They would action no appropriate bonuses for accepting the abounding set equipped.

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