Runescape:Activity Jam Streams

Double XP Weekend is here, and in which good chance you’re by now knee-deep in herbs, gazelle shafts or dismembered creature bits, blazing a trek on Buy RS Rare metal the highway to 99.

While you’re at it, why don’t see what our fearless JMods are up to inside the first RuneScape Game Quickly pull?

We’ll be running a couple of live streams over the saturday and sunday to check in on them.

Tune in and brighten them on as they create your content suggestions before your current very eyes, and work with their own passion projects.

We’re going also be opening up a special Online game Jam Discord server where you could speak to the devs participating and get updates on Acquire runescape gold┬átheir development. Head to discord. me/runescapegamejam. Satisfied Game Jamming!

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