FIFA 18 UPDATE: New PS4 application LIVE afterward Ultimate Aggregation TOTW 12 release


The new FIFA 18 amend is now rolling out for PS4 amateur animate owners, accepting launched ahead on Xbox One and PC.

This new FIFA 18 application looks to abode a amount of aloft issues in the game, alignment from Accomplishment Amateur to Ultimate Team.

Two bugs associated with the goalkeeper scoring accept been addressed, as able-bodied as changes accepting fabricated so that the amateur no best controls the amiss amateur in a Accomplishment Game.

For Ultimate Aggregation fans, EA Sports accept looked to aggrandize a few of the absolute options, as able-bodied as abolish some of the added adverse bugs.

This includes abacus the adeptness to watch FUT Champions Channel replays in a slower (0.5x) playback speed.

The abounding application addendum can be begin beneath for the big FIFA 18 PS4 update.

It follows the absolution of the official FIFA 18 TOTW 12 calendar this week.

After his absorbing achievement for Manchester United adjoin Arsenal endure weekend, shot-stopper David De Gea gets his abode amid the sticks.

While Liverpool ace Philippe Coutinho and Arsenal playmaker Mesut Ozil aswell get a atom in the star-studded team.

The ancillary will be accessible to claiming from 6pm, so analysis out who your band will be up adjoin if you yield on the latest Aggregation of the Week.

Take a attending through the arcade aloft to see the FIFA 18 FUT TOTW 12.


Addressed the afterward issues in Gameplay:

A benumb happening, in some situations, during the ambition anniversary for a ambition that was denticulate by the goalkeeper.

The ambition anniversary accepting skipped, in some situations, afterwards a ambition was denticulate by the goalkeeper.

Holding the dart button will already afresh could could cause a goalkeeper to get up bound if he is on the arena while captivation the ball.

The amateur sometimes accepting in ascendancy of the amiss amateur in a Accomplishment Game.

Stringing the alter accomplishment move calm assorted times in the Convenance Arena could could could cause your amateur to disappear.

Updated the absence FIFA Trainer settings for the Intro Bout to appearance both Movement and Mechanics instead of just Movement.

Addressed the afterward issues in Online Modes:

Captains, or players that had just transferred captaincy to addition player, accepting broken or abolition afterwards agreeable addition club to a bout in Pro Clubs Friendlies in some situations.

Made the afterward changes in FIFA Ultimate team:

Added the adeptness to watch FUT Champions Channel replays in a slower (0.5x) playback speed.

When toggling the playback acceleration of the replay, it cycles through Accustomed –> Fast –> Slow.

Removed the Single Amateur Camera from the account of accessible camera angles in FUT Champions Channel.

Removed the non-functional Restart button in the FUT Champions Channel Pause Menu.

Renamed the FIWC Stadium account to FeWC Stadium.

Addressed the afterward issues in FIFA Ultimate team:

FUT Squads that had absence approach ethics that were afield set to over 100 accept been displace to the accustomed absence values.

A beheld affair area sometimes the kit that a amateur alleged to play with would not be the kit that their adversary would see them arena with in FUT Online modes. Buy Fifa 18 Coins for you FUT line-up.

The FUT Band Battles Featured Band angel not loading appropriately afterwards rapidly transitioning through screens.

The Pause Menu admission timer sometimes announcement throughout a FUT Champions Channel replay.

The scrolling aggregation calendar account sometimes announcement at the alpha of a FUT Champions Channel replay.

The amends shootout tutorial sometimes announcement during a amends shootout in a FUT Champions Channel replay.

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Addressed the afterward issues in Audio / Beheld / Presentation:

Updates to the 2D portraits for some players.

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