Runescape: Fairy Rings


In July 2006 the Fairy Tale Allotment 2 Adventure apart a Fairy teleportation arrangement if you are accomplishing the quest. With it you can admission abounding shortcuts and altered places that will aid you in slayer. Get more Cheap RS Gold to help you!

DKR- Teleports you east of Edgeville. This is advantageous to advice you calmly admission the Lost City-limits Apache Adept and added Fairy Ring Locations by application a Glory allegation to Edgeville, airing east, afresh admission the Fairy Ring.

CKS-Canafis Mushroom Patch. Closest teleport to the Apache tower.

AJR- Apache Alcove Entrance. Calmly admission monsters in the Apache Cave.

ALR- Abyssal Area. This is a new breadth that is a new abode to annihilate Abyssal Demons. Aswell contains the the monsters that bead Rune Pouches. This is an accession breadth to annihilate Abyssal demons and is not bigger than the Apache Belfry in my opinion, but abounding humans like it because they can calmly coffer application the DKR Edgeville Tele to coffer their boodle and get aback to the slaying.

AIQ- Mudskipper Point for Mogres. If assigned Mogres simple access.

BIQ- Kalphite Burrow Enterance.

BJQ- Ancient Caverns- Fast admission to Waterfiends and abiding to Kuradal’s dungeon.

AJQ- Dorgesh-Kaan South Alcove for Molanisks.

DKS- Brine Rats (Dig with Burrow next to tree)

DIR- Goraks

DLQ- Nardah Desert Lizards. Simple Admission to Desert Lizard tasks.

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